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About : The Mahowald Way

Our Mission is to Protect Our Clients’ People, Property, Prosperity, and Peace of Mind.

Mahowald Insurance Agency is a team of smart, hard-working professionals pursuing sustained, meaningful careers helping Our Clients properly manage their risks so that opportunities become successes.


Our Clients’ Interests
We work with Our Clients to solve their risk-related problems. We provide advice, products, and services to help Our Clients succeed. Managing Our Clients’ risks allows Our Clients to confidently pursue their opportunities.

We believe that trust, integrity, confidentiality, and communication between Our Clients, our insurance carriers, and ourselves are essential for mutual long-term success. We fulfill our responsibilities and do what we say we will do.

We are a coordinated team of experts, constantly learning and improving our ability to help Our Clients succeed. We value formal education, experience, technology, and collaboration to build and maintain our expertise.

We take care of each other. We are a family business for all of our families. We are active in our community, helping to make Minnesota a great place to live and work.

Our history is the foundation for our future. Since 1930, we have earned Our Clients’ trust through competence, service, respect, and confidentiality. We value the lessons of our history, and seek to build on the high principles we have established.

A Brighter Future
Change is a constant. Past performance does not guarantee future results. We work hard every day to build on our success. We are constantly thinking, adapting, and improving to better serve Our Clients, grow our business, and create opportunities. We will never be complacent. We embrace the challenge.